The STOICH Project

STOICH: Stoichiometric Traits of Organisms In their Chemical Habitats

An expansive research effort inspired by the Ecological Stoichiometry Cooperative and their desire to achieve cutting-edge research goals in ecological stoichiometry


Ecological stoichiometry (ES) applies first principles to examine how the differential supply of elements constrains organisms and their interactions. The STOICH project will combine ES theory with ‘big data’ harvesting and analysis tools to build the research capability and human resource capacity to investigate stoichiometric control of ecological phenomena occurring across scales that we currently cannot investigate.

The STOICH Project Objectives

STOICH Database Development

Harness new environmental data collected across wide spatial and temporal scales to build a new database called the Stoichiometric Traits of Organisms In their Chemical Habitats (STOICH).

Analytical Capacity

Develop new tools to address statistical and data visual challenges to studying elemental ratios and their ecological implications.

Human Capacity

Build capacity in the ES Cooperative’s EPSCoR jurisdictions for cutting-edge ecological and environmental research.

Scientific Advancement

Harnessing elemental data to detect stoichiometric control-points and their consequences for organismal evolution.

STOICH Project Support