Our Staff

Our staff works closely with professors, students, and other community members that are vital to the growth and creation of the STOICH project. These individuals fill important organizational and mentoring roles in the Ecological Stoichiometry Cooperative.

Casey Brucker

Research Associate, University of Wyoming

Casey joined the Ecological Stoichiometry Cooperative with the University of Wyoming in Sarah Collins’ lab. Her B.S. degree is in Conservation and Restoration Ecology with a minor in Statistics from Utah State University. Casey leads the STOICH metadata committee, coordinates data acquisition efforts, and is responsible for the ESC website. Her current research project aims to address gaps in seasonal aquatic stoichiometry data by collecting monthly resource samples in alpine and plains lakes near Laramie, WY.

Elise Ehlers

Data Technician, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Elise joined the STOICH project in Jessica Corman’s lab in January of 2022. She earned her B.S. in Biochemistry with minors in Water Science, Chemistry, and Psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Elise is interested in the relationship between nutrient availability and cellular metabolism, particularly as it relates to phytoplankton growth. Her contributions to the STOICH project will focus on coordination and data acquisition.

Alex Lewanski

Research Technician, University of Wyoming

Alex joined the STOICH project after completing an MS at the University of Wyoming in Katie Wagner’s lab. During his MS, he focused on applying genomic data to investigate speciation and hybridization in freshwater fishes. As part of the STOICH team, Alex is contributing to several projects including research related to how stoichiometric traits evolve and how these traits influence the composition of ecological communities.

Chad Petersen

Data Manager, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Chad joined the STOICH project in February, 2022. He has a BS and Master’s in Physics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Chad is interested in developing user-oriented data and software tools to solve emerging research challenges. His main efforts will involve design, maintenance, and training for the STOICH database & API.

Elyse Watson

Project Manager, University of Nebraska-Lincoln